TROOPS Quality wireless bluetooth TP-9005 microphone mic recording condenser handheld microphone stand with speaker for cellphone karaoke best for holiday festival journey wireless karaoke supply power: hold button to start the product. wireless connection: enable the wireless of mobile phone, click to connect, successful connection if prompt tone is produced.adjust sound: adjust the sound volume of mike and the reverberation to suitable level.start karaoke. Recording with mobile phone connect the recording wire: insert the micro plug of the recording wire into the micro interface of karaoke treasure, and the 3.5mm interface info the earphone jack of the mobile phone.open the karaoke software in the mobile phone, such as: using, kugou music or other recording apps, select your favorable song, record the song according to the above mentioned singing method This is the latest in portable music entertainment as it will let you play music direct from your Smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled Device. Bluetooth Speaker Audio Recording For Cellphone Karaoke Mic Built in stereo Speaker Compatible With All Android & IOS Devices (Assorted Colour)

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